The shoe sizes differ according to the country of origin and are based on the respective units of measurement of the country (cm or inch). To determine your correct shoe size, stand with stockings or socks on each sheet of paper and record the outline of your feet. The feet are measured from the heel to the big toe by both feet. The size of the larger foot is relevant for the correct shoe size.The following shoe size chart gives an overview of the most popular shoe sizes for adults. The European and English sizes do not distinguish between men and women.But also bear in mind that when wearing thick socks or insoles should better be bought half a size or a size larger. Sizes may differ notably between different shoe manufacturers and brands.

Shoe sizes

Foot LengthEuropean SizeEnglish SizeUS Size MenUS Size Women
from 20.0 cm32012
from 20.3 cm32
from 20.7 cm33
from 20.8 cm33123
from 21.2 cm33
from 21.3 cm34
from 21.6 cm34234
from 22.0 cm35234
from 22.1 cm35
from 22.5 cm35345
from 22.7 cm36345
from 22.9 cm36
from 23.3 cm37456
from 23.8 cm37
from 24.0 cm38
from 24.2 cm38567
from 24.7 cm39
from 25.0 cm39678
from 25.3 cm40678
from 25.5 cm40
from 25.9 cm40789
from 26.0 cm41789
from 26.3 cm41
from 26.7 cm428910
from 27.1 cm4210½
from 27.3 cm4310½
from 27.6 cm4391011
from 28.0 cm4410½11½
from 28.4 cm44101112
from 28.7 cm45101112
from 28.9 cm4510½11½12½
from 29.3 cm46111213
from 29.7 cm4611½12½13½
from 30.0 cm4711½12½13½
from 30.1 cm47121314
from 30.5 cm4712½13½14½
from 30.7 cm4812½13½14½
from 31.0 cm48131415
from 31.4 cm49131415
from 31.8 cm4913½14½15½
from 32.0 cm5013½14½15½
from 32.2 cm50141516

Foot Length (kids)European SizeEnglish SizeUS Size
from 9.3 cm160,51
from 10.0 cm1712
from 10.7 cm1823
from 11.3 cm1934
from 12.0 cm2045
from 12.7 cm2156
from 13.3 cm2267
from 14.0 cm2378
from 14.7 cm2489
from 15.3 cm25910
from 16.0 cm261011
from 16.7 cm271112
from 17.3 cm2811,512,5
from 18.0 cm291213
from 18.7 cm3012,51
from 19.3 cm31131,5

Please notice that this is a guide only and that measurements may vary according to brand and style.

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Made in Italia Women Boot – Black
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